Steelcote, Inc.

Steelcote is the sole Autophoretic auto-deposition coater located in the state of Ohio, United States. We offer a cost effective coating solution for the automotive, metal furniture, agricultural equipment and the appliance industry.

 The Steelcote Advantage:

  1. Cost Efficient Supplier
  2. Approved Tier 2 / 3 supplier to Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda & Toyota
  3. An ISO : 9001 - 2000 company
  4. Certified Minority Source
  5. Large Package Size - 3' X 5' X 10'
  6. A Green Process - Zero VOCs & No Heavy Metals

The Autophoretic Autodeposition Process

Autophoretic auto-deposition is a  patented process developed by the Henkel Corporation. It is a waterborne process that depends on chemical reactions (instead of electrical energy) to achieve deposition. At Steelcote we use the ACC 866 Series of the auto-deposition process.

Autophoretic Coating Specifications

  • Provides a high degree of surface protection and corrosion resistance; up to 1000 hrs of Salt Spray (unscribed)
  • Allows for a 90 bend without any cracking or peeling in the coating
  • Does not bridge threaded areas, nor does it sag and change hole geometry
  • As the coating is cured at low temperatures 195 to 230 F composite assemblies can be coated without any adverse effect on rubber or plastic components
  • Environment friendly
  • Excellent Primer for most Top Coats